In order to be effective, our ideas need to be put into practice in an impactful way. This culture that we're continually improving on, ripples throughout the company, into the community, and onto the next generation. Michelin's emphasis on diversity and inclusion unlocks a more dynamic environment where new and different ideas can be shared to spark innovation and drive business results. This is the value of diversity.


At Michelin, we are dedicated to building a culture of inclusion, empowerment, and engagement. Inclusivity is not just a buzzword, but it is ingrained in our daily operations. To be truly effective, we put our ideas into practice in a meaningful way. This culture of inclusivity permeates throughout the company, into the community, and shapes the future. Our focus on diversity and inclusion creates a dynamic environment where diverse perspectives and ideas are encouraged, leading to greater innovation and improved business outcomes. We recognize and value the importance of diversity in driving growth and success.

The Group's intentions

  • We want our teams to be representative of all the diversities of the regions in which we operate.

  • At Michelin, we want everyone to be treated fairly and to be able to freely express their authenticity and differences.

  • ​​​​​​​At Michelin, we want diversity to be experienced in a spirit of inclusion and openness so that it can also be a lever for collective performance. 

6 principles of application

  • Diversities are multiple and include gender, age, culture, religion, social origin, disability, sexual orientation, union membership, family situation, political opinion and physical appearance.

  • Each person is unique and contributes to diversity.

  • Respect for people, especially the uniqueness of each of us, is the cornerstone of our diversities and inclusion policy.

  • Michelin encourages every person, at every level, in every business and in every country, to act, making diversities and inclusion progress within the Company.

  • Michelin does not tolerate any discrimination within the Group against anyone on any grounds whatsoever, including in cases where local law or practice would allow it. Non-discrimination is a non-negotiable cornerstone of Michelin's diversities and inclusion policy.

  • Means of recourse exist in each country and are available to all employees (ethics line, others......).

Nicolas Beaumont on Diversities & inclusion at Michelin

We believe ...
that diversity enriches our team and drives the innovation, vision and  success of our company. We are committed to fostering a culture where  every employee feels valued, respected and supported.
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