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Our tips for a successful interview

All interviews can be similar. You prepare almost exactly the same: with a CV you know very well, a well done presentation letter… on principle, we grant you, all may look alike, but !


Our recruitment process, like many other aspects at Michelin, is unique. And our recruiters want to know what you can bring to your job, how your past has shaped you, and how you see your evolution within the company.


- Check what already exists online and master what might be considered less professional to remedy it

- Adapt your privacy settings to give visibility only to the content of your choice

- Update your professional profiles with your latest work experience

- Wisely choose your simplicity profile photo and work environment, and ... smile!

- Dialogue and communicate with your network by showing your passion for your future business and interests in the job domain

- Think about your “personal brand strategy” as a brand and use your professional profiles to communicate and express it

- Take care of your e-reputation because , as a little bird, you leave traces with your likes and tell you who you are

master photo - CV - nos conseils

Present you on your best profile

- Personalize your CV, resume to highlight your strengths based on the position and make the recruiter want to meet you



1.The candidate can directly apply online via, Facebook Page: Michelincareers, LinkedIn: Michelin or apply at Michelin's booth during a job fair at the university.

2.The candidate can directly apply online. They have to upload 1.Resume 2.Transcript and fill all information on online forms.

Otherwise, the candidate can create a user name, password to update their profile and set job alert in advance

3.The candidate can apply more than 1 position

4.Michelin support diversity so we don't have a minimum requirement for GPA, Toeic score, University background and limit of Gender

5.When candidate finish the application process, they will get email from the company. The Company will consider your qualification and give feedback by 1 month

6.The candidate will know the last interview result by 1 week

7.The candidate can apply other position

1.Michelin Talent is the internship program for 4-6 months. The candidate will get the test examination and interview. Apply via

2.The candidate can apply via the website : or micheln's booth at the university

1.Working day : Mon-Fri, working time will flexible link to each factory and office.

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