Senior Support Engineer

Pune, Índia
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Senior Support Engineer

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Incident management: Incidents are handled from identification to closure, including advanced technical and functional analysis. High visiblity incidents are managed. Focal points of his/her perimeter are ensured in case of crisis.

Service Requests handling: Processing and resolution of complex service requests, ensuring timely and accurate communication with users.

Problem Management: Leading or participating in root cause analysis, coordinating with responsible contributors for patch implementation.

Monitoring/Observability: Leveraging monitoring tools and data to proactively address issues and optimize service delivery. Inputs and requirements of monitoring system are provided to the buid team.

Change Management: Analysis and validation of changes in production, considering their impact on users and providing clear communication. Links with the build team during the process of moving applications to production are ensured.

Continuous Improvement: Active contribution to the continuous improvement of applications, proposing and implementing enhancements. Proactivy and anticipation are provided to prevent issues.

Knowledge Management: Sharing of acquired knowledge, providing guidance and training to team members.

Communication: Accurate communication is provided (direct communication, user callbacks, portals, ...)

Service Level Management: performance of his/her perimeter is steered and managed with accurate tools

Operability: contribute to guarantee that the build to run phase is done correctly. including respect of the process itself, but also working with build team to explain expectation of support team 

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