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Líder de Equipe

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Team Performance
• Demonstrates daily application of Agile & Lean values such as cooperation, transparency, courage and humility to promote teamwork.
• Reflects continuously on how to become more efficient, then develops and adjusts the team's standards and helps update the DGSI standards.
• Team rules
• The team collaborates and uses the best known way of working.
• The role of the Team Leader is to:
• Help the team (IS and Business) to implement its practices to guide and support their work (Scrum, Kanban...)
• Implements good engineering practices
• Organizes and facilitates team ceremonies
• Sharing and tracking the efficiency of team work
• Helps remove obstacles and involves management if necessary
• Ensures continuous improvement of the team's way of working.
• The right product
• Efficient communication is in place between business and IS to build the right product.
• The Team Leader facilitates the interactions between the business and the IS to share the vision, the stakes and ensures an operational product that brings value.
• Book well and fast
• Product delivery is optimized and accelerated by:
• Prevention of operational problems that slow down product delivery
• Dependency management with external contributors (suppliers, experts...)
• Monitoring and sharing the health of projects such as progress, quality and performance


Java , Spring MVC , Spring Boot , JAX-RS Web Services , Hibernate 

JSP, JS, jQuery, Bootstrap, AJAX, JSTL

Linux Scripting

Gitlab, Jenkins

PostgreSQL, PLSQL, Oracle SQL

Apache Web server, Tomcat , Maven, Winscp, Openssl 


Number of experience: 7+